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About Swami Ji

Shree Swami Parmanand Maharaj ji was born in Nankana Saheb of Shaikhupura District of undivided province of West Punjab (Now in Pakistan) in the year 1881 or 1883 (exact date of birth is not known). He was born in a large entrepreneur and religious family. He had two brothers namely Late Lala Anant Ram Makker and Late Shri Ganpat Ram Makker apart from two sisters.

At the age of three years, he was adopted by Guruver Thakur Shri Narain Dev Ji Maharaj and went to Guru place “Bagichee Thakran “ in Gujranwala District of then undivided West Punjab (Now in Pakistan)

“Bagichee Thakran” witnesses a numbers of great sadhus, sanyasis, philosophers and institute of Sanskrit and Vedic teaching for over four centuries till 1947. The following Gurus had given their major contributions for promoting Sanskrit and Vedic Literature;

  • Thakur Baba Shri Kulyash
  • Thakur Shri Ram Dass
  • Thakur Shri Sant Dass
  • Thakur Shri Narain Dev
  • Shri Swami Parmanand Ji

Parmanand means the eternal bliss divine
Ashram the abode of saints usually all opine
Reaffirmed the message received in its prayer hall
Meditation the method eagerly awaited by all
Attention minus tension is meditation

(Brahma Vakya 20th Century)
Natural nuances expounded for its practice
Acceptable and authentic surely fact wise
Non-believer or believer no scope no stall
Divinely shyam sundar dasji’s clarion call

(Haridwar – Yatrik)

Right Living
Living in common to all being.Right living is given to only a few. It is right living that becomes lightly fruitful. Refulgent living is wrong. Restrained living is right. Through of the wellness of other must dominate over the thought of self interest. Right living causes the least inference to the other and the minimum good to all. Make your life useful to the others and an instrument to eliminate mystery in these.

(From the Teachings of Late Shri 108 Swami Parmanand Ji Maharaj)

Shri Swami Parmanand Ji Maharaj was sent for education to Gurukul at Banaras (Now Varanasi) where he studied for 20 long years and learnt Vedic literature & Sanskrit and he started teaching at Banaras (Now Varanasi) and afterward Niwani in Bihar some time.

Then he came back to “Bagichee Thakran” in Gujrawala at his Guru’s place and started teaching.

Shri Swami Parmanand Ji Maharaj was a great philosopher, Sanyasi, and having vast knowledge of Sanskrit and Vedic Literatures. He had also acquired the knowledge of Ayurveda.

Till partition of country Shri Swami Parmanand Ji used to teach at “Bagichee Thakran”. After partition he came to Lucknow and spent few years. He again started his journey for humanity and promotion of Sanskrit and Ayurveda then he shifted to Jagadhari with a goal to establish a place for providing comfortable stay to pilgrims and education of Sanskrit. Thus Shri Swami Parmanand Ashram Trust Samiti was created at Niranjani Akhara Road, Haridwar on the bank of holy river Ganga with the financial help from his blood relations mainly Late Sri Anant Ram Makker and Late Sri Ganpat Ram Makker.

Apart from above, major financial and personal contributions were given by Late Shri Bal Mukand Shah Makker ( Roorkee), Late Shri Anant Ram Makker (Lucknow), Late Shri Ganpat Ram Makker (Chandigarh), Late Shri Munshi Ram Narula (Lucknow), Late Rai Bahadur Shri Chunni Lal (Chandigarh), Late Shri Bishambher Makker, Ex Minister, Punjab (Mukerian) and Late Shri Lal Chand Dang (Jagadhari).

On 5th October, 1967, Shri Swami Parmanand Ji Maharaj left heavenly abode. Now Shri Swami Parmanand Ashram has become comfortable and peaceful stay for pilgrims, students and other devotee.

We, Board of Trustees, pay shradhanjali to our Guru Shri Swami Parmanand Ji Maharaj on 5th October every year after chanting of Bhagwat Path of one week duration.